Inspired by the beginning of a life, Origin Series is designed in elegant and comfortable style. It appeals to people’s different tastes of advanced, surreal, energetic, simple and innovative nature, and is also able to explain the beginning of a life.


Origin Bathtub

The abstract curving and round form of ‘Origin Bathtub’ reminds of organic objects and offers users high comfort by adapting to the shape of human bodies. The concept of this bathtub is not limited to its sole function of bathing and storage space, but extended to an artistic object.

Origin Accessories

‘Origin Accessories’ are characterized by abstract and strong lines. The simple yet, stylish and artistic design shows strong contours that resemble the flow of water. The set is the perfect fusion of aesthetics and function.



The modern wash set ‚Being’ appears to be a natural part of the wall. Just like a growing and organic object it rises from the wall and becomes a natural part of the bathing environment that refers to the origin of life.


With a natural shape that lets all edges and unnecessary design elements disappear, Vanish appears in minimalistic style. As part of Origin Series it further expresses the simplicity and neutral/raw character of a new beginning where everything starts with zero and all unnecessary aspects are vanished.



With its deep connection to the beginning of life, ‘Begin’ wash set comes with a basin as well as our award-winning faucet ‘Vortex’. The natural connection between faucet and basin symbolizes the link between heaven and earth.