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The Advent of the Globally Unique Glacial Blue PVD Composite Technology

2017 KBC (11)
The 22nd Kitchen and Bath China in 2017 was held on 31 May 3 June for four days at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The ZeVa GmbH from Germany, an icon for top quality lifestyle, participated in this years exhibition with the theme of Eternal Ice World showcasing a range of brand-new merchandise deploying the Glacial Blue PVD Composite Technology.

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 Eternal Ice World Frozen Sublimity until Eternity

Headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, ZeVa combines the exquisite tradition of craftsmanship and years of experience with technology and wisdom in the creation of “people oriented” products aligned with modern ergonomics, producing high-quality merchandise rich in contemporary aesthetic and elegance fully reflecting the philosophy of Life Art in living space, merging living with art. This year, the design teams of ZeVa present the globally unique innovative “Glacial Blue PVD Composite Technology” thereby establishing a higher standard within the industry in PVD composite technology.

The inspiration of Glacial Blue originates from the bluish tone of the glacier. After ages of exposing to Mother Nature, the structure of the glacier ice has become more sturdy and compact, while the bubbles inside have also diminished. As the wavelength of the blue ray inside the light is relatively shorter, the ice crystals in the glacier ice will display a bluish colour that is clear like crystal after the light is dispersed. Glacier that has been formed for ages will be even stronger than steel and will last, hence featuring the characteristic of ZeVa’s “Glacial Blue PVD Composite Technology” – Frozen Sublimity until Eternity.

2017 KBC (2)

ZeVa Pavilion at the KBC Exhibition

 Brand New Innovative Glacial Blue PVD Composite Technology

All the Glacial Blue products deploying this latest standard in Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) composite technology have to go through two extra procedures after the normal PVD process resulting in a triple coated appearance of the outside. As a result, when the faucet is exposed to light, the light will not be refracted directly but through the triple layer of coating hence exuding bluish radiance like exquisite jewelry. ZeVa persists in the pursuit of excellence in fine craftsmanship and aesthetics, and all the products are always “people oriented” to align with modern ergonomics. The whole line of Glacial Blue merchandise is also highly resistant to corrosion caused by acidic agents, and in summary, it is like Frozen Sublimity until Eternity.

As of now, it is only ZeVa that has completely grasped the technology of fully presenting the beauty of the colour of blue by combining the elements in unique proportions and applied it to PVD process to create this globally exclusive fine craftsmanship of “Glacial Blue.”

2017 KBC (3)

The ZeVa Glacial Blue Faucet under the R Series

Unique Glacial Coating Technology

The Glacial Blue Faucet under the ZeVa R Series deploys the unique “Glacial Coating Technology,” which is a fundamental breakthrough compared with the traditional norm of polishing underwater at the end of the production process. ZeVa uses the matchless “Glacial Coating Technology” to replace the long-established craft of the coating of the faucets. This is similar to the concept of ice crystallization crystallisation in the Arctic Circle. Physical changes will take place at the outer surface of the materials used to produce the faucets thereby eliminating the inherent friction of those materials. Hence, when the coated faucet comes to contact with water, water drops will not stay and remain on the surface of the faucets. Dust and dirt will not accumulate with a permanent self-cleaning ability. Every single item of ZeVa exhibits this unique German spirit of functionality coupled with superb and sophisticated technology and craftsmanship.

2017 KBC (4)

Life Art

Transforming living space into art/an attitude in art

ZeVa commits to the passion of loving life and the spirit of Life Art in our daily life. It goes well beyond the mere display of external beauty. The design teams of ZeVa endeavour to explore the life of water to an artistic level, fully reflecting the “Art of Water” in the most sophisticated and creative German craftsmanship. Out of these, the Branch Faucet under the Birth Series and the Vortex Faucet under the Origin Series are the most distinguished faucets of ZeVa.

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Vortex Faucet

The Vortex Faucet has won the much-coveted German iF Product Design Award and was universally acclaimed by the various professionals in within the industry at the Kitchen & Bath China (KBC). The Vortex Faucet deploys the unique “Hollow Cyclic Outlet” technology utilizing the concept of “Waterfall Inhaled Airstream.” It is showcasing modern perception beyond the surreal and restraining the internal structure of the water outlet in order to achieve effectively the dual purposes of cleaning and water-saving. It is being eco-friendly while also pampering the users with a brand-new washing pleasure. The separate control handle very versatile as well, which can be installed anywhere according to the wishes of the user. So that they can create their most relaxed and blissful living space that fit with their preferences. Under the Vortex Faucet, water will flow out in the form of hollow cyclic outlet. When the spiral waterflow touches the object at an angle of 15%, contrasting the normal waterflow at an angle of 90 degrees, the rinsing impact will be more pronounced while giving a more comfortable and gentle touch to the hands. This is a technology which nobody can surpass as at today, and is also one that ZeVa always takes pride in.

2017 KBC (6)

Moment Faucet

In general, waterfall-like outlet will form a column after water flowing for about 5mm long. Irrespective of its width, there is no way to sustain the waterfall like flow. This presents a major hurdle to the application of a waterfall-like outlet. The Branch Faucet under the Birth Series is an iconic masterpiece of ZeVa. It has overcome a constraint of the surface tension of waterfall-like outlet and hence can maintain waterfall-like state even after water has been pouring out for 30 mm. It is like a fleeting fabric of silk floating through the air, largely enhancing the rinsing contact of the waterfall-like outlet, with an artistic and aesthetic touch.

2017 KBC (7)

Blackish green basin

With the development of society, people are eager to use washing devices with multiple functions and demand for healthier and higher quality of life.

Recognizing these needs, the R599 blackish green basin uses natural serpentine stones with special mineral elements that have calming effects and help blood circulation. The color blackish green displays a temperament of elegance.

Natural serpentine stones have good heat insulation, low water absorption, anti-corrosion, dirt pickup resistance, and abrasion resistance. This makes it easier to be cut and form into various shapes of basins.

With exquisite processes, ZeVa grinds the natural ore into 10mm thin wall basin, leading the industry’s normal standard by 10mm. The perfect blend of water and natural stone creates a magical atmosphere of nature. The simple lines, elegant exterior design and the warmth of living emotions are the “Life Art” that ZeVa has been advocating to the world.

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