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ZeVa – “Eternal Ice World”

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ZeVa Eternal Ice World

The Advent of the Globally Unique Glacial Blue PVD Composite Technology

2017 KBC (11)
The 22nd Kitchen and Bath China in 2017 was held on 31 May 3 June for four days at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The ZeVa GmbH from Germany, an icon for top quality lifestyle, participated in this years exhibition with the theme of Eternal Ice World showcasing a range of brand-new merchandise deploying the Glacial Blue PVD Composite Technology.

2017 KBC (1)

 Eternal Ice World Frozen Sublimity until Eternity

Headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, ZeVa combines the exquisite tradition of craftsmanship and years of experience with technology and wisdom in the creation of “people oriented” products aligned with modern ergonomics, producing high-quality merchandise rich in contemporary aesthetic and elegance fully reflecting the philosophy of Life Art in living space, merging living with art. This year, the design teams of ZeVa present the globally unique innovative “Glacial Blue PVD Composite Technology” thereby establishing a higher standard within the industry in PVD composite technology.

The inspiration of Glacial Blue originates from the bluish tone of the glacier. After ages of exposing to Mother Nature, the structure of the glacier ice has become more sturdy and compact, while the bubbles inside have also diminished. As the wavelength of the blue ray inside the light is relatively shorter, the ice crystals in the glacier ice will display a bluish colour that is clear like crystal after the light is dispersed. Glacier that has been formed for ages will be even stronger than steel and will last, hence featuring the characteristic of ZeVa’s “Glacial Blue PVD Composite Technology” – Frozen Sublimity until Eternity.

2017 KBC (2)

ZeVa Pavilion at the KBC Exhibition

 Brand New Innovative Glacial Blue PVD Composite Technology

All the Glacial Blue products deploying this latest standard in Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) composite technology have to go through two extra procedures after the normal PVD process resulting in a triple coated appearance of the outside. As a result, when the faucet is exposed to light, the light will not be refracted directly but through the triple layer of coating hence exuding bluish radiance like exquisite jewelry. ZeVa persists in the pursuit of excellence in fine craftsmanship and aesthetics, and all the products are always “people oriented” to align with modern ergonomics. The whole line of Glacial Blue merchandise is also highly resistant to corrosion caused by acidic agents, and in summary, it is like Frozen Sublimity until Eternity.

As of now, it is only ZeVa that has completely grasped the technology of fully presenting the beauty of the colour of blue by combining the elements in unique proportions and applied it to PVD process to create this globally exclusive fine craftsmanship of “Glacial Blue.”

2017 KBC (3)

The ZeVa Glacial Blue Faucet under the R Series

Unique Glacial Coating Technology

The Glacial Blue Faucet under the ZeVa R Series deploys the unique “Glacial Coating Technology,” which is a fundamental breakthrough compared with the traditional norm of polishing underwater at the end of the production process. ZeVa uses the matchless “Glacial Coating Technology” to replace the long-established craft of the coating of the faucets. This is similar to the concept of ice crystallization crystallisation in the Arctic Circle. Physical changes will take place at the outer surface of the materials used to produce the faucets thereby eliminating the inherent friction of those materials. Hence, when the coated faucet comes to contact with water, water drops will not stay and remain on the surface of the faucets. Dust and dirt will not accumulate with a permanent self-cleaning ability. Every single item of ZeVa exhibits this unique German spirit of functionality coupled with superb and sophisticated technology and craftsmanship.

2017 KBC (4)

Life Art

Transforming living space into art/an attitude in art

ZeVa commits to the passion of loving life and the spirit of Life Art in our daily life. It goes well beyond the mere display of external beauty. The design teams of ZeVa endeavour to explore the life of water to an artistic level, fully reflecting the “Art of Water” in the most sophisticated and creative German craftsmanship. Out of these, the Branch Faucet under the Birth Series and the Vortex Faucet under the Origin Series are the most distinguished faucets of ZeVa.

2017 KBC (5)

Vortex Faucet

The Vortex Faucet has won the much-coveted German iF Product Design Award and was universally acclaimed by the various professionals in within the industry at the Kitchen & Bath China (KBC). The Vortex Faucet deploys the unique “Hollow Cyclic Outlet” technology utilizing the concept of “Waterfall Inhaled Airstream.” It is showcasing modern perception beyond the surreal and restraining the internal structure of the water outlet in order to achieve effectively the dual purposes of cleaning and water-saving. It is being eco-friendly while also pampering the users with a brand-new washing pleasure. The separate control handle very versatile as well, which can be installed anywhere according to the wishes of the user. So that they can create their most relaxed and blissful living space that fit with their preferences. Under the Vortex Faucet, water will flow out in the form of hollow cyclic outlet. When the spiral waterflow touches the object at an angle of 15%, contrasting the normal waterflow at an angle of 90 degrees, the rinsing impact will be more pronounced while giving a more comfortable and gentle touch to the hands. This is a technology which nobody can surpass as at today, and is also one that ZeVa always takes pride in.

2017 KBC (6)

Moment Faucet

In general, waterfall-like outlet will form a column after water flowing for about 5mm long. Irrespective of its width, there is no way to sustain the waterfall like flow. This presents a major hurdle to the application of a waterfall-like outlet. The Branch Faucet under the Birth Series is an iconic masterpiece of ZeVa. It has overcome a constraint of the surface tension of waterfall-like outlet and hence can maintain waterfall-like state even after water has been pouring out for 30 mm. It is like a fleeting fabric of silk floating through the air, largely enhancing the rinsing contact of the waterfall-like outlet, with an artistic and aesthetic touch.

2017 KBC (7)

Blackish green basin

With the development of society, people are eager to use washing devices with multiple functions and demand for healthier and higher quality of life.

Recognizing these needs, the R599 blackish green basin uses natural serpentine stones with special mineral elements that have calming effects and help blood circulation. The color blackish green displays a temperament of elegance.

Natural serpentine stones have good heat insulation, low water absorption, anti-corrosion, dirt pickup resistance, and abrasion resistance. This makes it easier to be cut and form into various shapes of basins.

With exquisite processes, ZeVa grinds the natural ore into 10mm thin wall basin, leading the industry’s normal standard by 10mm. The perfect blend of water and natural stone creates a magical atmosphere of nature. The simple lines, elegant exterior design and the warmth of living emotions are the “Life Art” that ZeVa has been advocating to the world.

2017 KBC (8)

2017 KBC (10)

2017 KBC (9)

ZeVa X Pleos | Feast of Art and Beauty

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Use aesthetic education to substitute religion, to cultivate faith of beauty in every mind.

Educator Cai Yuanpei

ZeVa, committed practicing Lift Art, held a gathering in Shanghai Pleos in November, with the theme as“Aesthetic Interpretation of Life”. Hundreds designers presented with invitations to witness the efforts ZeVa has put in practicing and promoting Life Art.



Good wine and delicious food are the prefaces of “Aesthetic Interpretation of Life ”, without which, the movement is too rushed to be defined as aesthetic.


 The trace of wings left by music flow by, overlaps the path took by aesthetics.

From establishing the brand, adhering to the principle of promoting Life Art, ZeVa has been sparing no efforts to create a living space where every accessory be timeless artwork piece. The products, full of artistry, were the main course for the feast of beauty.



Before the beginning of the gathering, guests were invited to Pleos ZeVa showroom to have a look at the exhibits, to personally feel the aesthetic concepts of ZeVa.


The showroom has displayed products from Birth, Origin and Calligraphy, as the “ZeVa Classic Series”, which are the materialization of ZeVa reflection on nature, philosophy and culture, in the form of refined life necessities.



R series, the newly minted.

In this gathering, ZeVa for the first time unveiled the newly minted R series products in Pleos, consisting of crystal glittering ceramic basin, mellow dependable toilet, exquisitely smooth faucet and two built-in bathtubs designed for luxury hotels and mansions.


The two built-in bathtubs, inheriting the inside contours of above floor bathtubs in ZeVa Three Series, providing the users with comfortable shower experience and multiple shower choices. They are also available for customization with massage function for better and refined life quality!


12 13

ZeVa captures and develops trend by introducing more natural colors into living space. Hardware items of R-series are plated and coated by special German ZeVa finishing technology, with tasteful colors of champagne gold and rose gold expanding the beautiful possibility of living space, and elegant contours of curved lines manifesting the artistic in details.

Share beauty and inspire new artistic ideas

In the middle of the activity, visually aided by audio and video, ZeVa shared its persistence in promoting design philosophy and practice of Life Art, as well as insights for multiple creations and global decoration examples. ZeVa appreciates beauty and pursuits refined lifestyle. Beauty was another form of poetry for sensations, just as Mr.Simon Lapham, the Technical Director, said in his speech, that: ‘ZeVa dedicates to bring pleasure in both visual and touching sensations.’




Then the hostess announced the Lucky Draw winners list who can take ZeVa artwork pieces back home for personal experiencing, and Mr.Yu, CEO of Pleos, presented considerate gifts for the winners.



With all the close looking and detailed introduction, the designers at the gathering,  being able to have a more comprehensive understanding of ZeVa Life Art principle, expressed their wishes to cooperate with ZeVa in the future and to be more involved in creating an aesthetic living space decorated with timeless art pieces.


ZeVa Gallery


Building 39 to 41,

30 Kaixuan Road, Xuhui District.


2/F, Chuangshu Museum,

Nanshan Road No.101-1, Shangcheng District.


1/F A8011-2, Red Star Macalline,

Zhongzhai Road No.69, Wuyuan Bay, Huli District.

Announcing: Celebrating with Great Honor and Privilege as ZeVa Wins the Red Dot Award 2016

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We are thrilled and overwhelmed as once again, two of our products, Faucet Being and R360 won the Red Dot award 2016 in the Product Design category!

red_dot_design_2016.04(Photo Courtesy: Red Dot

The concept of ZeVa’s “Being” wash set is inspired by the origin of life. Having simplicity and purity in mind, “Being” appears to be an organic and natural part of the wall. The control handle is designed to provide a radiant and smooth water flow, so only the temperature has to be set according to the user’s desire. The functions of the wash fulfill the best usability combined with a minimalistic and sleek design.


We have yet introduced R360 to the market, but it has already been recognized and appraised by the Red Dot organization as one of the best products of the year.


And because of our passion for innovation, ZeVa will continue to improve and strive to innovate, integrating craftsmanship into life in creating arts of classics.

About the Red Dot award:
Red Dot stands for belonging to the best in design and business. The Product Design competition has existed since 1954. Its award, the Red Dot, is an internationally recognized quality seal. The best products receive the Red Dot: Best of the Best award. With the help of the jury of experts, the internationally organized competition “Red Dot Award: Product Design” appraises the best products of the year.

For more details:

ZeVa GmbH is honored with ICONIC AWARDS 2015 – BEST OF BEST

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Recently, three of ZeVa’s unique products – VORTEX faucet, MOMENT washbasin, and SERENITY toilet – have won the 2015 ICONIC AWARDS. Among the three winning products, the VORTEX faucet has received the highest honor, the ICONIC AWARDS 2015 – BEST OF BEST.

The ICONIC AWARDS (one of the iconic design awards from the German Design Council) is an architecture and design competition that focuses on how the disciplines interact. Known for its “high standard and strict requirements”, it aims to uncover visionary and outstanding works in the architectural, design, and industrial sectors. Hence, ZeVa’s uniquely designed products stood out among all products from around the world in order to receive the award.


VORTEX faucet is honored with the ICONIC AWARDS 2015 – BEST OF BEST. VORTEX uses waterfall-like suction and the unique hollow cyclic outlet to create artistic experience, a separated control knob to allow customizable installation that adapt to diverse lifestyles. The innovative water outlet saves 45% more water than regular faucets. VORTEX springs into life, and stimulates a sense of rhythm amidst all lifestyles.



MOMENT washbasin and SERENITY toilet have received the ICONIC AWARDS 2015 – Winner.

ZeVa has proven once more that the fusion of aesthetics and craftsmanship is crucial for a successful product design and that the concept of “Life Art” is appreciated now more than ever.

For further details:

ZeVa enters China to recruit distributors and channel sales

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(Shanghai, 27 May 2015) – ZeVa, a lifestyle brand established in Darmstadt (Germany), upholding to its “Life Art” ideology, will be participating in the 20th Kitchen and Bath China exhibition 2015 from June 3rd to 6th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. In Shanghai, ZeVa will present its unique innovatively designed products and officially recruit distributors in China in order to fully expand its channel sales and market share.

ZeVa’s exhibition number is W1E08. All are welcome to visit.

ZeVa’s theme for this exhibition – “More than Beauty-Secret of Arts” portrays the unique design ideology of its three product series. The visitors will be taken on a “Magical Journey” where they will not only experience the German lifestyle but also sense the spatial interaction between human living space and natural environment. ZeVa combines art with the most advanced craftsmanship, and integrates the newest technology with beauty. The fusion of art and craft creates synergies that allow users to experience the artistic spirit connected with the quality of life.

(ZeVa’s booth design)

ZeVa’s Executive Vice President in Asia, Mr. Evan Chung stated, “Our products have been widely recognized and respected by local designers, architects and users in terms of design and technology. Distinct from other German brands that emphasize on product features, ZeVa provides a lifestyle of artistic spirit. With our successful reference cases in Europe and China, we are confident in expanding our market in China.”

Mr. Chung continued, “This is the time we have prepared and waited for, a sure win opportunity. We are promoting our business comprehensively and looking forward to cooperating with local brand agents or distributors. Increasing our channel sales will lead to a win-win situation for all involved parties.”

ZeVa’s key product introduction for this exhibition:

1. Origin Bathtub
ZeVa integrates passion for life into craftsmanship. As an artistic brand for lifestyle from Germany, the product design considers even the subtlest changes of human emotion in the bathroom space, with the intention of introducing living crafts of enhanced aesthetic appreciation.
The concept of the Origin Bathtub’s futuristic design was derived from the natural hot springs in Pamukkale (Turkey). The glistening artificial marble and the enhanced water temperature control help to create streams of relaxation and enjoyment. The Origin Bathtub extends its presence into space, hiding pipes within its abstract and artistic curves. The design displays the ingenious relationship with modern bathroom space. The Origin Bathtub is the perfect synthesis of art and life, converting the bathroom into a space for aesthetic experience of passionate vitality resonating with emotion and bridging communication between human and nature.


(Origin Bathtub from the Origin Series)

About ZeVa GmbH
ZeVa is a young lifestyle brand established in Darmstadt, Germany. It draws inspiration from the art and technology of German kitchen and sanitary ware, integrating aesthetics into living. Human-centered, taking people’s habits and basic needs into account, it creates classic living crafts that can withstand the aging time. “One Product, One Art” is the Life Art spirit from Darmstadt that values supreme sense of beauty, and pursues lifestyle of high quality. The crafts are endowed with life, which profoundly enhances the environment. All of this does not only improve people’s lives but also brings them visual enjoyment and enriched sensation. Such creation satisfies the lifestyle you desire.


ZeVa has won two more awards – iF Design Award and Plus X Award

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(Hong Kong, 27 March 2015) – Five of our “Life Arts” have won ZeVa two more awards after having the honour of receiving the DDC Good Design 2015, Interior Innovation Award 2015, and German Design Award Nominee 2015 earlier this year. ZeVa is pleased to announce that its washbasin Being and Origin Bathtub from the Origin series and toilet Serenity from the Calligraphy series have won the iF Design Award 2015, also known as the “Oscar” in the design industry. Also, the accessories Twig from the Birth series and faucet Script from the Calligraphy series have won the Plus X Award 2015. Our products once again have proven to the world that ZeVa’s innovation and quality is of the best.

For official information on the iF Design Award and Plus X Award, please visit and respectively.


Photography by iF

In light of the recent achievements, Mr. Evan Chung, Executive Vice President, Asia, said: “Having received positive feedbacks from designers, architects, and end-users at the IMM Cologne in Germany, we are encouraged to expand our market further to other European countries. Also, we will be presenting our award-winning products at the Kitchen & Bath China this June for the recruitment of distributors and channel sales in the China market. In addition, we are strategically expanding our global reach by partnering with different online sales platforms, to provide an easier and more convenient access for purchasing our products.”

“All these activities,” he added, “and the awards we have received these years1 reflect our perseverance in implementing our mission of Life Art, to improve living standard through craftsmanship and delivering products of the highest level in terms of functionality, ease of use, ergonomics, and ecology.”


BEING appears to be a naturally integrated part of the wall. With a natural flowing shaped surface, BEING reconstructs the traditional basin form; the left side of the basin has a narrower design in order to increase space for activity and allows users to stay closer to the mirror. Its sinking space offers a place for toiletries and therefore combines washing facilities with object placement and space. The optimal water capacity setup and flowing shaped surface prevent splash and overflowing of water.



Origin bathtub 

With aesthetic design, Origin Bathtub uses high quality artificial stone material that is resistant to stains for easy cleaning. Simplifying controls for temperature and water flow, this double-sized tub offers users a convenient way to enjoy a relaxing bath with its abstract curves and round forms that adapt to the shape of human bodies.



 Toilet SERENITY’s mimics the black ink and white paper in traditional Chinese calligraphy. It shows a clean and simple yet, distinctive and sophisticated colouring that traces back to oriental bathroom space. With flexibility in terms of installation, Serenity’s integrated splash guard and its unique materials for the seat and lit make this toilet a convenient and hygienic option for sophisticated users.

iF award 2015-serenity


Imitating the dynamics of trees and branches, the accessory set TWIG brings nature and vitality to bathing space. The set consists of a toilet paper rack, hooks that can be installed at different angles, and a one-point leverage towel rail that allows users to hang towels or facecloths with a horizontal movement, comfortable for all including elder and younger users.



The wash set SCRIPT is inspired by oriental calligraphy, and characterized by three major elements — the dash, vertical stroke, and dot. With special coating and ergonomics in design, SCRIPT prevents water from splashing onto users’ sleeves and reduces accumulation of hard water spots, providing a fine experience while enhancing beauty.


About iF Product Design Award

Since 1953, iF Product Design Award has been internationally recognized and assessed by international expert juries. Today, the iF design awards are among the largest and most important international design awards and the iF label functions as a seal of quality known all over the world.

About Plus X Award

The Plus X Award, prize for innovative technologies, sport and lifestyle products, is in its 12th year in 2015 and honours manufacturers for their quality advantage. Albert Einstein once said: “More than the past, it is the future that interests me, since that’s where I intend to live.” With this principle in mind, the Plus X Award distinguishes products that are innovative and viable for the future and possess at least one “Plus X” factor – the additional value of a product.




ZeVa has won two 2015 Red Dot Award

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ZeVa is pleased to announce that the MOMENT washbasin and SERENITY toilet has won the 2015 Red Dot Award. This is another international award we have received following the German Interior Design Awards and iF Design Award. The prestigious award proves that ZeVa’s product design is of the highest quality, stepping forward once again in the innovative world.

For more details:

The Red Dot Award has more than 50 years of history. It is one of the world’s three major design awards along with the iF Design Award and the IDEA Award. The Red Dot Award, being uniquely professional, is the world’s largest and prestigious design award, attracting many international brands to participate every year. The winning products are judged and selected in terms of design concept, innovation, and functionality.

MOMENT washbasin:

MOMENT washbasin – The undulated form of the washbasin reflects the smooth rhythm of water. Its round shape provides users a sense of balance and stability, as if grounded by nature, leaving behind all daily troubles, creating inner peace.


SERENITY toilet:

SERENITY toilet – The unibody design and innovative concept conceals its technology within the simple design. The simplicity and aesthetics of SERENITY toilet provides bathroom space of relaxation and tranquility, reflecting the concept of “Life Art”.


ZeVa, honored with multiple prestigious awards this year, has gained recognition from the sanitary sector, designers, and users through its “Life Art” concept. ZeVa’s representative stated that every ZeVa’s product design is human centered and takes into account convenience and aesthetics, with the mission of enhancing quality of life and creating space of beauty. The dedication in perfecting every detail and continuous innovation have built up what ZeVa has achieved today. For future product development, ZeVa will continue to improve and strive to innovate, integrating craftsmanship into life in creating arts of classics.

ZeVa GmbH is awarded with 2015 Interior Innovation Award

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(Darmstadt, 15 January 2015) – ZeVa, a brand upholds to its “Life Art” ideology in sanitary ware and established in Darmstadt, Germany, is pleased to announced that its accessory set TWIG from the Birth Series and toilet SERENITY from the Calligraphy Series has won the 2015 Interior Innovation Award presented by the German Design Council and imm cologne. Since 2002, the Interior Innovation Award has been presented at the event of Cologne Design Night by the German Design Council. This year, the award ceremony will take place on January 18 in Cologne at the Flora. The International Furnishing Show imm cologne will take place from 19 to 25 January 2015, and ZeVa’s TWIG and SERENITY will be exhibited there displaying their unique styles of designs. Eligible further for the second meeting of jury, ZeVa has a chance of receiving the highest award of all, the Best of Best 2015.

For official information from the German Design Council, please visit:

originalPreviewJWPhotograph: Koelnmesse

The accessory set TWIG from the Birth Series, one of the award winning products, has displayed the perfect fusion of nature and bathing space. The simplicity of the innovative function and design with just one pivot reduces environmental burdens and minimizes complicated installation. The towel rack combines a bath towel rack and a facecloth rack into one. With both ends opened, it allows hanging in horizontal movement, enabling easier and more convenient usage, especially for the elderly. The hooks can be positioned into different angle freely, not only allow flexibility in arrangements, it also extends the beauty of nature through space. The innovative and aesthetic design of the accessory set TWIG has won the unanimous approval of the German Design Council.

The toilet SERENITY from the Calligraphy Series, the other award winning product, complements oriental ingenuity with western artistic approach. Introducing the traditional style of furniture while retaining structural design at the core, it provides a space of relaxation and serenity with the simplest concept, allowing users to let go of all cumbersome thoughts, and reconnect to “Life Art”.

Stepping into a new year with an award, Mr. Evan Chung, ZeVa’s Executive Vice President Asia, delightedly stated: “The 2015 Interior Innovation Award represents a high degree of approval to ZeVa’s ideology of craftsmanship integrated into living from a professional jury, recognizing our fulfillment in innovative products to modern society. We will continue to implement ZeVa’s “Life Art” concept through perseverance, and strive to create and enhance the crafts of aesthetics.

originalPreviewJW (2)
Photograph: Koelnmesse




Accessory set TWIG features a dynamic line layout that refers to nature and vitality. It imitates the dynamics of trees and branches and adds natural characteristics to a unique bathing space.

The set consists of a towel rail, toilet paper rack and hooks that can be installed at different angle according to customer’s wishes. The one-point leverage towel rail furthermore enables users to hang towels and facecloth with a horizontal movement which makes it very comfortable for elder and younger users.

birth_accessories_04TWIG Accessory Set from Birth Series




The contrasty design of toilet SERENITY complies with the use of black ink and white paper in traditional chinese calligraphy. It shows a clean and simple yet, distinctive and sophisticated colouring that traces back to oriental bathroom spaces.

The standing toilet offers availability of wall and ground drainage options, adding more flexibility in terms of application. Aside from its beautiful appearance, Serenity’s integrated splash guard as well as the use of unique materials for lit and seat make this toilet a convenient and hygienic option for sophisticated users.

serenity-08SERENITY Toilet from Calligraphy Series

About ZeVa GmbH
ZeVa is a young lifestyle brand established in Darmstadt, Germany. It draws inspiration from the art and technology of German kitchen and sanitary ware. With the mission of vowing to bring to the whole world the ideology of “passion for life” and “craftsmanship integrated into living” (Life Art), ZeVa’s products have been awarded by many international design institutes because of its creative design and innovative technology.

About Interior Innovation Award
In 2002 imm cologne and the German Design Council sought to initiate an independent, sector-oriented award. The result: the Interior Innovation Award. Today it is considered one of the most renowned design awards in the interior furnishing industry worldwide. The imm cologne trade fair is the ideal sponsor of the competition, whose organization is the responsibility of the German Design Council. The Interior Innovation Award stands for first-class innovative achievements in all the sector’s product areas. Furthermore, the competition sets standards as regards promoting up-and-coming designers. For the twelfth time, in 2015 the Interior Innovation Award will once again go to three young designers selected by the jury from the talent forum Pure Talents Contest 2015.

About IMM Cologne
The imm cologne isn’t just the very first interior design show of the year, it’s the first choice for renowned international exhibitors and decision-making professional visitors from all over the world as well. The imm cologne showcases inspiring interior design ideas for trendsetters and provides markets with new impetus. And the major innovation drivers, market leaders and brands will be there.

ZeVa Calligraphy Series SCRIPT Faucet receive DDC Good Design 15

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(1 Decmber 2014, Darmstadt) ZeVa has another good news to share after honored with the Interior Innovation Award organized by German Design Council and IMM Cologne. The Deutscher Designer Club has just awarded the Calligraphy series SCRIPT faucet with DDC Good Design 15 (DDC Gute Gestaltung 15) under the product category for its innovation. This is another renowned award ZeVa has received in Germany in 2014.

For official information on the German Designer Club Good Design Award, please visit:

Deutscher Designer Club (DDC) Award is a symbol of excellent design from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. At the award ceremony, ZeVa received the award together with Commerzbank, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Audi AG. The award shows the dedication of DDC promoting designers and good designs.


Photo of the award ceremony

SCRIPT Faucet:
As part of the Calligraphy series, SCRIPT Faucet is inspired by oriental calligraphy. The appearance of “SCRIPT” wash set is characterized by the three major elements of Chinese calligraphy- the dash, vertical stroke and dot, in three dimensional way within the bathing space. An 11° offset between the handle bar and the water outlet is the result of prolonged ergonomics studies, preventing water from splashing onto the users’ sleeve. This design not only provides visual pleasure of traditional lines in Chinese calligraphy, but also provides a fine, balanced experience to the user.
The surface of the SCRIPT faucet is treated with Physical Vapor Deposition coating, which can reduce accumulation of hard water spots. With the innovative body separation assemble technology, the seams has been kept to minimum to enhance beauty.

script-ddc 15

Calligraphy series SCRIPT faucet

Being awarded with the DDC Good Design Award 2015, ZeVa’s design and achievement are being highly recognized. With different awards around the world presented to ZeVa in 2014, there is no double that the Life Art spirit is welcomed by industry leaders, designers and users in different continents. In every product ZeVa designs, it is a blend of thoughtfully engineered user experience and artistic craftsmanship. It is ZeVa’s mission to continuously enhance spatial aesthetics and raising quality of life. Being persistent on every little detail and fostering innovative ideas make ZeVa special. In future product development, ZeVa will continue to be one of the pioneers in the industry, continue to bringing high quality craftsmanship into everyday life.

ZeVa GmbH-DDC 15

DDC Spokesman Michael Eibes (1st Right) and Award Judge Wolf Wagner (2nd Left) taking photo with the ZeVa team

About ZeVa GmbH
ZeVa is a young lifestyle brand established in Darmstadt, Germany. It draws inspiration from the art and technology of German kitchen and sanitary ware. With the mission of vowing to bring to the whole world the ideology of “passion for life” and “craftsmanship integrated into living” (Life Art), ZeVa’s products have been awarded by many international design institutes because of its creative design and innovative technology.

The Deutscher Designer Club
The Deutscher Designer Club (DDC), is an initiative from designers and “design in mind” companies to spread the message of excellent design. The club is a platform for interdisciplinary designers. The quality of networked communication is promoted actively throughout all design disciplines and media. The club want to improve mutual acceptance, communication among designers, and dialogues with clients by the aid of various communication platforms, cooperation and campaigns. The integration and promotion of young talents are a steady feature of the club.

ZeVa GmbH is awarded with Japan’s Good Design Award again

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(1 October, 2014, Shanghai) Just recently and within the scope of the 2014 Good Design Award Japan, ZeVa GmbH’s basin MOMENT of Birth Series has been awarded with the Good Design Award for its high-end and elegant design. This event marks the third time that the company has been recognized with the Japanese award.

ZeVa’s basin MOMENT won the unanimous approval of the judges, who expressed the product shows a simple flowing outline. Furthermore, the gentle waves on the left and right side of the basin were of gentle beauty, which allows users to return to nature and achieve spiritual stability.

Both the flexible nature between humans and environment as well as the natural design won the unanimous approval of the judges.

The basin takes aesthetic senses and practicability into account while simple clean lines highlight the natural essence of water which further correlates with the concept of a return to nature. The focus on design details such as waves on the surface and the products curves make it a perfect work. Also worth mentioning is the fact that MOMENT has previously been nominated for the German Design Award and furthermore won the German iF Product Design Award.

ZeVa GmbH is very please about the inspiring recognition of the judges and states, that the company will continue to strive to meet user’s needs and improve the living space with aesthetic understanding.

Gmark 2014-Moment

About Good Design Award

Japan’s Good Design Award was founded in 1957 and has functioned for more than 50 years as the country’s only comprehensive design evaluation and recommendation system. The award is also known as the “Oriental Design Academy Award”. The Good Design Award not only attaches importance to expression of product modeling, but also focuses on consumer experience, innovation and convenience. The [G] logo represents attractive design and noble quality and in order to be awarded with it the products have to live up to the international jury’s high standards in terms of excellence in design, quality, appearance, performance, security, innovation, ease of use, ergonomics, costs and other aspects.


About ZeVa GmbH

ZeVa GmbH was established in Darmstadt, Germany. The company relays the city’s cultural heritage of craftsmanship and combines aesthetics with everyday life. With human beings at the core, ZeVa goes by people‘s habits and original needs, thoughtfully considers every detail and produces classy craftsmanship for everyday life. A Piece of Product, A Work of Art – this expresses Darmstadt’s heritage of Life Art spirit. ZeVa values aesthetic quality and strives for lifestyle. With Life Art, handcraft comes to life. It changes the living space atmosphere, enhances the quality of people’s everyday life and is a real pleasure for both, the sense of vision and the sense of touch. The Products are designed in order to satisfy the lifestyle desired by the customer.