About ZeVa

ZeVa stands for loving life with passion that is expressed through craftsmanship. The company aims to spread its philosophy around the world.

Life Art – The spirit of our design
Creativity and the passion to provide outstanding products drive us from the development until the products are finally delivered to our costumers. Our design approach is that life is an art reflected through the interior spaces that people inhabit. Life Art enhances the quality of life by giving spirit to the crafts and thereby improving the living environment.

ZeVa = Passionate life
At ZeVa, we have grouped like minded people from around the world that strive to create a lifestyle brand. We work with motivated and experienced people that function as the heart of the products. All products focus on the people, their habits and needs.

One Product, One Art
At ZeVa, we believe that all our products are unique pieces of art, apart from their original function. We value elegance and quality. Therefore, our designers are devoted to develop products that change your living space noticeably. ZeVa’s Life Art products have been awarded with many famous international design awards such as Red Dot, IF Product Design Award and Good Design Award.

From its first office in Darmstadt, ZeVa has now expanded its design and operation teams in different regions worldwide including Germany, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Korea.