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ZeVa GmbH is honored with ICONIC AWARDS 2015 – BEST OF BEST

Recently, three of ZeVa’s unique products – VORTEX faucet, MOMENT washbasin, and SERENITY toilet – has won the 2015 ICONIC AWARDS. Among the three winning products, the VORTEX faucet has received the highest honor, the ICONIC AWARDS 2015 – BEST OF BEST……




Birth Series is inspired by nature which arouses our feeling towards bathrooms and shows insights on nature, youth, energy, light and universe. Therefore, the stunning beauty of Birth Series can enhance the quality of life.



Inspired by the beginning of a life, Origin Series is designed with elegant and comfortable style. It appeals to people’s different tastes of advanced, surreal, energetic, simple and innovative nature, and is also able to explain the beginning of a life.


By combining modern industrial design with traditional oriental aesthetics, the Calligraphy Series comes with innovative and beautiful shape. It uses perfect straight and strong lines to show passion for culture and spirit of beauty.

Together with our customers we are proud of our achievement in design, which is also recognized on an international level. Here are some of the internationally acclaimed awards ZeVa has proudly received.

Red Dot Design Award (Germany)

iF Product Design Award (Germany)

Deutscher Designer Club (Germany)

Interior Innovation Award (Germany)

German Design Award, Nominee (Germany)

Plus X Award (Germany)

Iconic Awards (Germany)

IDEA, Silver (USA)

2012 Chicago Good Design Award (USA)

G Mark (Japan)